User nicknames left shifted

I note that the nickname of a user is shifted a bit to the left on the first post of each page of 10 posts, sometimes overlapping the avatar.

11.3/seamonkey in use.

Others see this too?

An example is here: What database frontend to use?

Yes, I get it with SeaMonkey (now 2.0.10) on 11.3, and it has been that way for a while. Will check firefox when I next login.

Yup, confirmed. Here we go for firefox4.](

Seems a CSS issue.

I have noticed this too.

Firefox 3.6.12 also, and you have to be logged on for this special effect.

Not all browsers have this problem. I’m using Konqueror and everything looks fine.

Happens sometimes here in FF3.6.12.

In this posts, I see it using IE 8 on Windows XP Pro.

(sorry, it’s what I’ve got running…)

I confirm it sometimes happens here on firefox 3.6.12 regardless of whether I run openSUSE or Windows.

Also Windows XP and Google Chrome.

Posting this using Konqueror, and it does immediately show this problem here. It looks like an issue on all browsers now.

Yes, but now we have these nice red envelopes.

And the originally posted problem seems to have disappeared here. What about yours?

Oops no, the problem has returned here.

This may not be browser related but rather KDE / Gnome related. Effectively I do not experience the same problem with FF3.6.12 on KDE3.5 and OpenSuse11.1.
If that does help you I am happy.
My graphic-card is and on-board Intel 945 GM.

It happens on both Gnome and KDE 11.3 here with SeaMonkey, Firefox, and Konqueror. Could it be forum related?

If it would be forum related I would have the same problem I guess. When I open the example links or any other link everything is ok instead.

Here is another example of nickname leftshift:

Wife orders new PC with no OS … possible openSUSE candidate

There are 2 consecutive posts from oldcpu; the first one shifts the nickname into the avatar. The second one does not. I did compare the XHTML code between the two posts and found it is the same.

Then I tried to insert the link address into

HTML / HTML5 / XHTML / WCAG Validator with Spell Check, Links Check and Screenshots

and noticed that there is quite a number of errors (or “deviations” from the standard), but there was nothing jumping to my eye which could cause the behaviour. I suspect there is a glitch in the CSS stylesheets.

Noop, not with me. Curiously I am seeing the first post shifted to the left (the one with the Xmas tree of Knurpth but the ones of Oldcpu are all perfectly alligned.