user menu at top right of panel gets cut off

Can anyone help me with this? I have not been able to find a solution in any shell extensions, or described on any forums. Essentially, half of my user name at the top right of the panel (= the user menu) is cut off. A solution, or even just being pointed in the right direction, would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all.

I am using opensuse 12.1, gnome, on a dell. I don’t know what other info might be necessary, but, if there is any, I’ll be happy to post it.

Is this Gnome 3?

You really should say what version of opensuse and what desktop environment you are using. Otherwise people are not sure what you are talking about.

I ask about Gnome 3, because I see something similar on one of my computers when I try Gnome 3. That computer has an nVidia graphics card using the nouveau driver. My solution is to force fallback mode with Gnome 3. I am mainly a KDE user, so this isn’t a big problem.

On a different computer, with Intel graphics, I do not have the same problem.

If you happen to be using Gnome 3 with nVidia and the nouveau driver, you might want to try using the proprietary nVidia driver. I have not tried that, because I am satisfied with things as they are. But someone with experience might be able to help.

In any case - your first step is to tell us more about your opensuse version, your desktop environment, your hardware (particularly the graphics card).

in answer to nrickert’s questions, I am using gnome 3 and my graphics card seems to be an nVidia GT218 [GeForce 310] (rev a2). I am fairly knew to linux, and particularly new to opensuse, and I am not entirely clear how to change/update/etc. the graphics drivers. querying yast, I see that xorg-x11 nouveau driver is installed; a bunch of nvidia drivers are also intalled (eg, x11-video-nvidiaG02). Hopefully, that info helps. While I’m thinking of it … how do I change/update/etc. my graphics drivers?