User management in Aeon

It is my understanding that useradd/userdel is not the way to manage users in Aeon since any changes made with them will just be lost at next reboot. However I would like to know how I can reset my $HOME to the state a clean install would create. The reason is that I tend to make a mess of $HOME after trying out lots of different tools using distrobox. The dotfiles i care about are under source control but I would need a way to clean up all extra stuff that has gotten added. Or is the best way just to make a fresh install of Aeon?

Did you try it? What makes you think it will “go away”?

Remove everything and copy over the content of /etc/skel.

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No I have not tried, it was just my impression after trying to find information on the internet.

Did not know about /etc/skel, after reading up about it it looks to be exactly what I wanted.

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