USB tethering not working after update

I updated using zypper up and now i cannot connect to the Internet via tethering. Network manager changes the icon to white to show connection active but internet is not working.

So ,what happens when you try to connect via usb?

dmesg --follow
sudo journalctl -fu NetworkManager

The assumption is that you’re tethering using USB.

Normal network troubleshooting like ping IP addresses, ping names, network address, route, forwarding networks.

Just with the added complication that if you’re doing this over USB, then you also need to understand the Ethernet over USB architecture (but do all normal troubleshooting first).

After wrestling with the various networking over USB over the years, I’m just tired, very tired of the unreliability although it’s a lot better today than in years past. It’s why personally I prefer practically any other type of network connection over USB.