usb re-installation

OMG This is so frustrating! I go to the trouble of creating a usb installation disk in case I need to do a system re-install and when I try to do it I can boot to the usb but after that the options all seem screwed up. The installation medium is unsigned there is no option for a usb installation the other options don’t work except a network install which I don’t want. That’s why I bloody made the usb for. I followed the usb creation wiki to the letter using fdisk and dd.

Can somebody please assist?

Using tumbleweed Linux t420 4.14.14-1-default #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jan 17 09:26:10 UTC 2018 (eef6178) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

For iso images, use imagewriter… I only use dd for my RPI image installs…

The problem is that the instructions say to use imagewriter in su mode but imagewriter dosen’t seem to have any option to do that.

What instructions are this?

Imagewriter can be run as user since years, it will automatically ask for the root password when necessary.

The instructions in the Tumbleweed installation wiki

URL please.

On I only see a link to, which doesn’t mention anything about using it in “su mode”…

Although this is outdated too, current Imagewriter will not ask for the root password on start, but only if you click on “Write”. (the program itself can run as user since years, as mentioned, it only asks for root privileges when required)

I’m writing image now. So will this install differently than the one I made before?

Depends on how exactly you made the previous one.

Imagewriter basically just does the same as “dd”. But it helps to avoid certain kind of errors, like specifying a wrong device name.

Btw, you wrote this in the first post:

the other options don’t work except a network install which I don’t want.

Apparently you downloaded the NETinstall ISO, this does only support network installs of course.
You probably want to download the full DVD ISO instead.

This time I downloaded openSUSE-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-Snapshot20180124-Media.iso. The problem starts after boot, when I select installation it errors with unsigned image? The only option that works in the ancient installer is net install. The other options are cd and hdd?

Excuse me, but I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
The openSUSE DVD installer neither has a net install option, nor a cd option (only “Boot from Harddisk”, “Install” and “Upgrade”).
It looks like this:
(this is actually Leap 42.2, Tumbleweed has a different background, otherwise it’s the same)

Are you sure that’s not your BIOS/EFI firmware that you’re seeing here?

Maybe post a screenshot, also from your “unsigned image” error.

wolfi323 I’ll repeat the process and try to get all the relevant information :shame:

Yes I get this screen, then I choose Installation, next comes the hd:/content : Invalid signature Installation aborted error.
Then I’m offered to install from hd:/// or cd:// or hd:/ or or enter another URL

wolfi323 how would I take a screenshot from there?

am I choosing the wrong option?

Did you check the download sha256sum?

how do I upload an image ?

yes I did check the sha256sum all ok
this link is the image, pretty clunky sorry

are you able to choose installation then show me what comes next because that’s where the error occurs.

BIOS system clock error maybe?

Faulty usb…well that’s embarrassing. :frowning: