USB Passthrough Problem with VirtualBox 7.0.4

I am using Windows 7 in a VirtualBox VM under Opensuse Leap 15.3 and have just updated to 15.4. I have some older software and also hardware (scanners) that I am using in Win 7. Up to VirtualBox 6.1.40 it all ran without any problems. With the update to VB 7.0.4 the scanners are not being recognised by Win 7 any longer: “USB Device Not Recognised. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it.” When I revert back to VB 6.1.40 everything works fine again.
I had hoped with the update to Leap 15.4 that things would improve, but no. The problem is persisting. It appears that USB passthrough to the VM is not working properly in VirtualBox 7.0.4.
Is this a known problem? How can it be fixed?

Works fine in 15.4 with VirtualBox 7.0.6 which was released 2 days ago.
I don’t have Windows 7 but the guest additions for 7.0.6 work fine in Windows 10
they are broken on Windows 11 - stick with guest additions 6.1.40 with Windows 11 or it will lock up the video.
Oracle is aware of the Windows 11 issue.

Have you installes the 7.04 Extensions?

Or now with 7.06 the 7.06 Extensions?

USB is not in the extension for 7.0 - it is built-in - you do need the extensions for 6.0.

I would like to see his output of [sudo zypper se -si virtualbox]

There is a report that ld is missing on some 15.4 images in /usr/sbin and that is called by the virtualbox installer and that may cause some issues. It works perfectly in Tumbleweed.

The issue is in OBS where OpenSUSE VirtualBox gets built - the cleanup is removing the /usr/sbin/ld and calling /sbin /ld (I may have that backwards - just following the bugzillas).

The Oracle VirtualBox 15./15.4 rpm does work - I test that as well as the OpenSUSE build.

I test Tumbleweed kde, gnome, and mate. 15.4 with mate, windows 10 and 11, and fedora, ubuntu, manjaro and kali.

I have encountered issue that have outstanding bug reports at Oracle VirtualBox - they have confirmed my reports as their bugs, not OpenSUSE created in making it build in OBS.

Greetings, adelaidian: You might try reducing memory in the Windows 7 VM to 2048Mb or less. Worked for me.

Thanks for all your replies.

@Sauerland: I use now VB7.06 with the 7.06 extensions and the 7.06 guest additions.

@larryr: I did the zypper thing and got this:
S | Name | Type | Version | Arch | Repository
i+ | virtualbox | package | 7.0.6-lp154.2.26.2 | x86_64 | Main Update Repository
i | virtualbox-kmp-default | package | 7.0.6_k5.14.21_150400.24.41-lp154.2.26.2 | x86_64 | Main Update Repository
i | virtualbox-kmp-default | package | 6.1.32_k5.14.21_150400.22-lp154.1.67 | x86_64 | Main Repository
i+ | virtualbox-qt | package | 7.0.6-lp154.2.26.2 | x86_64 | Main Update Repository
This is now after the update from 15.3 to 15.4

@tuner: Your suggestion works for me. It is not fully satisfactory though as I may run into memory problems at some stage.