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I was wondering if anybody uses an usb microphone in combination with a daw or audacity? (as an example: Devine USB1)
Are they plug and play with tumble and or leap?

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No one uses an usb mic on opensuse?

I use a USB mic all the time (the one integrated in my webcam), but not in combination with a daw nor audacity. I’ve never heard of ‘daw’ and I very rarely use ‘audacity’ (last time over 5 years ago) and I’ve never used audacity with my Mic.

Does your USB mic work with any other applications?

Hi old cpu

Thnx for replying,
A daw is a Digital Audio Workstation such as Ardour or Bitwig.
I do not have an usb mic (yet)
Searched the web but cannot find reviews of usb microphone for podcasting / recording audio on tumbleweed.
So thts the reason of my question

Hehe, I’ve gotten a Behringer UMC202HD recently to start recording my own music, and it works OOTB and flawlessly. Did test various USB mics a while ago, and none of them failed. The device though allows me to play f.e. the audio of already recorded tracks, and play / sing along whilst recording that to new tracks and hearing all through headphones plugged in to the device. Works both in Audacity and Ardour ( and everything else I tried ). Apart from that it’s DACs are incredibily good, so good that I use it as an external soundcard as well. For now with headphones, but a couple of small studio monitors are on my wishlist. FWIW, the device is pretty cheap, ~ € 65 . It has two inputs, f.e. for 2 mics, 2 guitars or what ever you want.

This is exactly what I wanted to know and what I want to do!!!
Thank you Knurpht
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