usb devices in gnome boxes with windows

Hi everyone,

I write this post to ask for information about a problem I encounter on gnome boxes. I tried to install both Windows 7 and Windows 10 ltsb, but neither of them for having installed Windows guest tools for Spice when I insert a USB key (usb2, usb3 etc.) and from the settings of boxes I apply the shared USB stick, this is detected in Windows, but not configured and therefore remains unusable. I wanted to know if someone has encountered the same problem and possibly help me to solve it or to virtualize windows is better to use Virtualbox?

I thank you all

Hi everyone,

I solved (let’s say) using virt-manager. with the latter, usb devices work. it is obviously an alternative solution but still FOSS

For clarification,
Are you using libvirt’s vm-manager to somehow manage gnome-boxes, or did you change to some other isolation or virtualization technology?