USB connection to phone not working since latest update

I am trying to copy images from my phone to my computer. I would also like to copy some music mp3 files to the phone.
When trying to connect a USB cable to my phone for file transfers

Error message
Unable to open a folder for moto g(7) power
The name :1.186 was not provided by any .service files

This is within Budgie and also LXQT

It was working fine last week. The only change made was the recent zypper updates. This happened about a month ago as well. Is there anything that can be done other than waiting for the next update that might fix this issue?

Please let me know of any diagnostic commands needed to provide additional information for help.

thank you

Strange update. In Budgie, if I opened the Computer icon with Nemo the phone is mounted as a device and I am able to navigate.

However there was an error while copying an mp3 file

libmtp error:  Error getting friendlyname.

I will need to reboot into the partition with LXQT to verify, but I did try that there without success.


Here with Leap 15.5 –

Tried the USB connection to my pocket telephone – something I normally no longer need to do – I normally use KDE Connect …

At first KDE Plasma didn’t want to connect to my pocket telephone (Samsung Galaxy A22) via the USB cable which is normally used by my charger – I wasn’t sure if, the cable supported data transfer or not (battery re-charging only … ) –

  • On the pocket telephone, a pop-up window asked if, I wanted to allow access to the device from somewhere else (via the USB power charger cable) – I chose to allow the access.

It then functioned as expected –

  • I can “search for files” via the path –


In KDE Plasma Dolphin, the pocket telephone appears in the “Network → MTP devices → A22 from xxx” tab – I can browse both the pocket telephone’s internal storage and, the 500 GiB micro-SD I have in the thing.

“mount” doesn’t find the thing – “lsblk” also not …

There’s this ArchWiki article – <>

  • And, they mention that, a typical File Manager will discover the thing but, there’s very little that one can do from the command line …

thank you.
I was not aware of KDEconnect, but that looks like a good option. I found an article that mentions gsconnect for Gnome based GUI. I am using LXQT. I will keep searching, but are there any recommendations from anyone that is using gnome for a connect type app. In searching I see there is also network manager connect. I need to read to see if that might work as well.

Any input is welcome.

When I have to move large junks of data between my Android phone and my PC I use adb via the USB cable:

  1. Download the Android platform tools for Linux (adb, fastboot, …) and install them (e.g. ~/bin).

  2. Enable USB-debugging on your Android phone.

  3. Connect the phone via USB cable with the PC and accept the connection on the phone (you can tell your phone to remember the device).

  4. On the PC in a terminal use adb pull to copy data from the phone or adb push to move data onto the phone.

Thank you susejunky. For the installation, via terminal, make and make install? It’s been a while, but I can get it. Any other instructions?

The adb push or pull, is there a front end app or only via command prompts ?

Where is the usb debugging in the settings? The search on the phone did not locate it. Nor debug or debugging. USB preferences was the closest found

Passing on the info. If you have a Moto g7Power below is the way to enable the developer mode.

Now the Developer Settings are available

  • Download from the given link.

  • Extract the directory platform-tools to a place on your system where you have access to (e.g. ~/bin).

  • Make sure that place is in your PATH or set up aliases for each executable (adb, fastboot, …). Then you can use the executables straight away.

Not that I’m aware of. I use the tools on the command line.

This page gives some information on what the tools are used for and how to use them.

Susejunky, Thank you for the help. I extracted the tools to /bin. The the adb command-not-found command comes us. Where is the list of paths available?