USB BT headset -> /dev/???

Here’s my situation: OpenSUSE 11.4, I have 3 constantly connected audio devices (mobo in/out, webcam audio in, USB Logitech headset) and a set of sometimes connected USB Bluetooth headsets that I use from time to time.

Using pulseaudio I can select my devices no problem. All work correctly for sound in and out as the BT headsets come and go.

One application needs to be told what the /dev/dspX is in order to operate via the AUDIODEV environment variable. When this concerns one of the permanently connected devices there is no problem, it is either /dev/dsp0 (mobo), /dev/dsp1 (webcam) or /dev/dsp2 (Logitech USB). These are fixed and always work.

Now the problem: when I connect a USB BT headset I don’t see any change in the list of /dev/dspX devices. So I don’t know how to indicate the AUDIODEV environment variable to the application for it to use the newly arrived headset?