Urgent: LibreOffice Impress question

I have an extremely urgent support request!
I need to create a presentation by Friday. I have selected the template, the elements etc. But, I have to add transition between each text Outlines and each page. It’s very easy to add page transition effects. But, so far I have not managed to add automatic custom effect in text transitions (with click).
For example, let’s say that I have in page the following format:

  1. Text 1
  2. Text 2
  3. Text 3

I want to present the elements as
Text 1, then I click the mouse, Text 2 click the mount Text 3 etc.
In MS PowerPoint this is done via Master pages.
I tried the same on OO/LibreOffice 3.3:
Edit the Slide Master, modified the fonts etc. Then, I tried to add a custom animation in each element
But with no success.
First of all, it seems that any effect is named: Outline Text 1: Click to…
Second: Even If I accept the fact than there seems to be no way to add an effect for Outline 2 etc, I save and show the presentation. But, instead of a page transition then a blank page that requires a click from me to present the 1st element, I see ALL elements.

So, is it possible to do that in OO?

No idea, really. Did you try a LO forum or mail list?

Hmmm, it should be the same as in OO since it’s a fork.

Now, I do not know if adding transitional effects can be done to text lines (maybe somebody else can give you a hint) but you can add custom effects to OBJECTS that contain the text - to the text-boxes, so it would go like this:

TEXTBOX01 - text 1
select it, in Tasks pannel select “custom animation”, Add, add your cool effect

TEXTBOX02 - text 2
select it, in Tasks pannel select “custom animation”, Add, add your cool effect

… so on, so on…

This is how I usually do it, kinda dirty, but it seems you can do it in one textbox too: right click on the selected - inserted custom animation of your textbox / effect options / text animation tab: change “group text option”. :slight_smile:

Next: don’t be lazy and use the manual to search for more info, the search engine in OO so I guess in LO is quite good.

Cheers and good luck with your presentation.


Sorry I jut tested and the latter option does not seem to work as intended so the solution I suggest is the dirty one with more text boxes which seem to work.

Manual is of no help. Actually, it says nothing about custom effects via Master Slide.
I have the same “feeling” that it works for object only and not for texts inside objects.
Besides, the title of the custom animation is a hint about just that.

If it works that way, it is big productivity blow. MS PT on the other hand, is much better on the way it handles this kind of work:(

Open Custom animation, highlight Text 1, add effect, select speed and whether it activates onclick. If it does an arrow appears beside the text in the window; otherwise just the text appears. Then do Text 2 and so on; I have found that you must do them in order in LibreOffice - otherwise they do not appear as you expect.

I did that. And it resulted nothing.
I will try again only on the 1st element and report back.

I did that. And it resulted nothing.
I will try again only on the 1st element and report back.

I just tested what john_hudson on OO3.3 and it works like a charm. So try that. :slight_smile:

It works with slide transitions too and I even could change the animation order, e.g. make text 04 appear after 01 and then 02 and 03 with different effects.

Good luck.

Could you please attach the file?

Anyway, from OO 3 Documentation, it is clear that I cannot do it via Master Slide:
Chapter 9, Page 10:

At present it is not possible to apply animation effects to the slide master
elements. This means that if you want to display the items in a text box
one by one, you need to apply the effects to each text box, or alternatively
copy the text box from one slide to the other.

Sorry, I was away yesterday after last post. I hope this still is helpful to you.

I [can’t] attach the presentation.

I can’t find the button / option to attach a file to the post so here is an MU link for it.

Hopefully is allowed here.


Highlight text 1 add the animation
Highlight text 2 add the second animation