Urgent! How to startup installer from CLI in LIVE CD

sorry for making this a rush but I am kinda in a hurry and need to know if I can startup the installer from the command line using the live cd… The live cd boots up but the icon – its not the live installer icon its a text file icon – on the desktop is labled live-installer.desktop … when launched it gives an error saying its not a folder… Same thing on 2 different computers… I was wondering if I could start this up using a command line somehow… or is there another way I can install using the live cd??? I’d appreciate some quick responses…

and I forgot to mention its taking too long to load… It took over 10 to 15 min to load up… and now when clicking on applications and show more its been 5 min and nothing has shown up… thats not normal right?

never used the livecd,but, did you do an md5 checksum before burning the disk ?


yes and it even loaded up right so I am not sure what is wrong here… anything I can do to get this to work… problem is I am in congo atm and internet is too slow… took me 24hrs to download the live cd… if I try to download the dvd its going to take another 72hrs…

anyway I can get this installed with the live cd???

I’m also suspicious of the CD - make sure you have checked both the iso file and the burned media, too.

I don’t know about executing the install from the terminal. But if you want to know what the command is, open the live-installer.desktop file and you will see it.

hmmmm… this is really wierd when I did the cd check is showed the md5 sum is wrong… Why did it show it was right before I burned it?

If the md5 is wrong then the only way is download it again right?

If the md5 is wrong then the only way is download it again right?

unfortunately, downloading it again is the only recourse. if you downloaded via torrent, you may be able to get the torrent to repair it


how do I repair through the torrent?

when you try to download again, hopefully the torrent will realise this & try to re-download the bits that were incorrectly downloaded. this depends on your torrent manager,as not all can do this


I’ll give this a try… thanks a bunch and I appreciate your quick response… I’ll c ya around and bug ya if I get lost :wink:

I did that and it verified and the md5sum checkout right again… So I will burn it again and give it another try… could it be possible that a faulty dvd or some error during burning could have caused this eventhough the burn was succesful?

could well be a faulty drive,if the md5 checks out.


eeh… last thing I would want it to be… I ran out of cd’s and dvd’s… my driver’s gone to get some so as soon he gets back I’ll give it another try and see how it works out… i hope the torrent check did something to fix it and it works… :wink:

Dont forget to burn it at 4x and DAO mode

what a relief!

sorry got your post a little late but I just got done burning it again this time and the md5sum checked out right before and after burn…

AND GUESS WHAT! its INSTALLING!.. I almost thought I will have to redownload the whole thing which isn’t a big deal but with internet in Africa it very frustrating waiting despreately for download for 24 hours and after its done you have to redownload it…

Thanks for your help… appreciate it…

if it wasn’t for you deltaflyer44 I would have been trying all kind of different things and ended up sleeping frustrated… I owe you 1

aslamc wrote:

> if I can startup the installer from the command line using the live
> cd… .

Yes, one can start a text mode installer from the Live-CDs and it is
worth knowing how to do it in case there is a need to install on an older
machine with low resources.


  1. ‘init 3’ as a boot option and boot to console command prompt.
  2. Become root (e.g. su -)
  3. Directly boot the Live-Installer by typing following:
    yast2 live-installer
  4. Alternatively, launch the live-installer from the text mode
    Yast2 Control Center by typing (as root) yast or yast2 and
    selecting from the Miscellaneous category the Yast2 Live-Installer.

very useful information… thanks!

Cool, glad you got it sorted, now enjoy :slight_smile:


not so quick… lol…

I got the system working but the package manager still runs really slow… I put a thread and I was told to add the mirrors but they don’t register and keep giving me an error so still gotta work getting that fixed… Wish I could start using it already…

The problem may be with the mirrored server. If you are in Africa, it’s possible if not probable that the installer added this mirror in South Africa:


The 10.3 repo works, but the 11.0 directory is not there. On the international mirrors list, I noticed there are some others shown for 11.0 but also don’t have this release. So, go to the list, find a location closest to you, click on Installation Repository. You should be taken to an http or ftp directory; the server domain names and top directory structure vary, but the repo itself will be under something like “/distribution/11.0/repo/oss/”. You’ll also want the “non-oss” repo; that’s where java, flash, i.e., the proprietary software, is stored. Here’s the list:

Mirrors Released Version - openSUSE

Bear in mind that the geographically closest is not always the fastest. More important is the number of hops, the servers routed through, the repo server’s bandwidth and current load.

Once you find the repo’s, highlight the entire url in the browser address bar, right-click and copy, run YaST Software Repositories, click Add, click Next, Paste into the url field, click Next. You should see the repo added to the list. Be sure the Enabled box lower-left is checked, and the Automatically Refresh is not (these repo’s don’t change).

You will probably also want the Packman and VLC repo’s added to get the proprietary multimedia pieces that cannot be bundled with openSUSE. There is a one-click install for this, but AFAIK it adds Packman’s Belgian mirror; where you are located you might want a different mirror. They are all listed here:

Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE

You can still use the one-click install though, after setting up the repo’s like above. Just click on Customize and de-select the mirror shown, and proceed to install.