ups monitor not working

openSuse 13.1, KDE 4.11.4

I have an APC battery backup device connected to my machine via a USB cable. I have apcupsd, apcupsd-cgi and apcupsd-gui version 3.14.10-6.1.4 installed.

If I look in Kinfocenter->Device Information->USB Devices, I can see the backup unit listed correctly.
If I start gapcmon, I can see that the battery unit is recognized. However, the monitor will not work as I get a message of a NISERR - unknown@localhost. NIS network connection not responding. If I look at the monitor page, it says the network thread is busy.

I tried making a custom rule in the firewall to allow port 3551 open in the internal zone but that didn’t help. As it’s connected by a USB port, I didn’t think it would.

I can’t find any help files on this.

It did work when I was running 12.3


I don’t have an answer. but it may be useful for others trying to assist if you post the apcupsd.conf

Assuming that it’s a configuration issue, review the following

Well, Thank you! The link to the ubuntu page led me to the correct method to fix my problem.

Commenting out the DEVICE line which was a link to a TTY device did the trick.

Guess I better bookmark the ubuntu help page!


Glad to have been of help :slight_smile: