upowerd problem

In the log displayed by journalctl I see the following:

Mar 21 12:53:21 linux-s33i.site upowerd[1585]: (upowerd:1585): UPower-Linux-WARNING **: energy 53.535300 bigger than full 53.191200

There are several more of these messages.

I am running opensuse 12.3 on an HP 2540p.

upowed is from upower-0.9.19-2.1.1.x86_64

i do not see a question or question mark in your post and wonder if
you have any problem symptoms (other than that log entry)?

or if maybe you are simply reporting a bug/problem which seems to
have to no impact on the system?

or, are you having problem symptoms you think are connected to this
log report?

i see 60,000 hits on this google:

having looked at a few i conclude it is not an openSUSE specific
problem (if it is a problem) and it is known by developers in Debian,
Red Hat and other distros as well…

bottom line, i don’t know how to help you without more info…and,
i’m not sure it is a problem…

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Sorry for not giving more details. I have not observed any problem but wondered if it was having any impact. Since it has been widely reported it will
hopefully be fixed.