Upgrading Opensuse

Is there any way to upgrade the opensuse to current latest version. I am having Opensuse 10.3 and I need to upgrade it to the latest version. If it is possible then while upgrading whether I am going to loose any data and my current system configuration. I have configured openldap in my present version,whether up gradation will effect to this configuration? as my organization is completely dependent on this Ldap setup.


You need to backup and re-install everything really.
If you need long term support you should use SLES/SLED or a LTS distro.

If your business relies on that configuration, I would recommend setting up a DEV and TEST environment where you first test the migration of your system. I would not rely on an “upgrade”. Way too many differences between 10.3 and 11.2.

Thanks for the reply… Actually I am new to this Suse environment,but i have a knowledge of Ubuntu and Redhat enterprise linx. Please tell me the meaning of DEV and Test environment


what is the meaning of SLES/SLED or a LTS distro? is it some other version of Opensuse?


SLED: http://www.novell.com/products/desktop/

SLES: Linux Server: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server By Novell

LTS: Long term Support
Currently the above provide that in SUSE but they are paid for

Free LTS can be found for example with some versions of Ubuntu and Debian itself of course.

Please tell me the meaning of DEV and Test environment

It actually has nothing to do with SUSE, it’s a best practice methodology for IT projects: create an environment that mirrors your Production system: a machine with 10.3 installed and all its current software your organization depends on. Then upgrade, reinstall, or do whatever steps are required to upgrade or migrate to 11.2 on that other machine, test that everything works as expected and then you’ll have performed and tested all the steps required for the upgrade/migration without having risked anything for your actual system.

It’s generally a good practice to keep that “mirrored” system around for future upgrades, etc.

I know it’s an extra expenditure, but this will pay out in the end - what if the upgrade turns out to be a disaster on the DEV/Test environment, but your current system is never affected? I’m sure your entire organization will be thankful.

thank u so much for your reply.