Upgraded screen on my laptop

I have a ASUS G46VW laptop that had a 1366x768. Working well.
Found out that a B140HAN01 would be an alternative that will give a 1920x1080.

Interesting, never thought of that. No overheating of the video chipset due to twice as many pixels to render during video-intensive use (games)?

Can’t say if the new pixel made any significant change in power consumption. This should be as an external monitor in power aspect, but not sure.
At the same time I change the cooling paste (???, stuff between cpu/gpu and cooling ribs). So the whole computer is much cooler. Before change of paste, it was up on 102 deg.C. when compiling the kernel.

But, so much nicer to code when there are space for the file list, compiler result (OK, warnings or errors) and still se the code :slight_smile:

Hey, look what I found on the back side of the motherboard
A SSD port, mSATA

Now the the bad part.
I installed Windows 10, what an experience. They also try to collect any possible data.

  • Send contact and calender information to Microsoft
  • Send data that is typed in, to make better reconition
  • Use my ID’s on many apps
  • Let skype get data from contacts, like their mobile number.
  • Automatically connect to open access wifi points
  • Automatically connect to friends wifi networks
  • Automatically connect to wifi access points to see if it is pay-per-MB
  • Send totally error and diagnostic information to Microsoft.

WHAT… Yeah, yeah… Turn off, turn off, turn off…

Installed oS Leap 42.1 and you should see my smile, almost like lol! or similar