Upgrade to kde4.1.86 breaks kdm - How do I fix or revert.

I have upgraded from kde4.1.85 to 4.1.86 last night and now kdm fails. There is no kde login screen, I have to login as root and startx, but login as me with startx fails.

How can I revert to previous or fix ?

Check this users fix
Switched to KDE 4.2 beta 2, but reverted… - openSUSE Forums

I have tried all the recommendations;

I fixed the line in the /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager from startkde4 to startkde since their is no startkde4 in /usr/bin.

I cleared the kdm log file in /var/log.

I checked all the repositories, kde42-unstable, kde4 Unstable extragear and kde42 unstable community. All seem ok.

Checked all packages in repo’s are up to date, all but games(to save some bandwidth).

I do get this in my /var/log/messages
kdm[2224]: Internal error: unknown D_* command 112

Am tripple checking and trying another reboot now.

I have solved the problem, The auto login was set to a user that has a problem with the kde4 configuration. Even after renaming the .kde4 directory it still could not auto login to the user and was dropping back to a shell login.

disabling the auto login enabled the kdm login to function. The kdm changed from startkde4 to startkde in /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager, don’t know if this was necessary.

There needs to be better or easier to find documentation in kde techbase.

The change to ‘akonadi’ in kmail seems to be the culprit in the latest kde4.2beta2.