upgrade suse linux 10.0

I had buy and now use SUSE Linux 10.0. As I know it is equivalent of OpenSUSE 10.0.
Now I need to upgrade to newer version. How can I do it? Computer is not localy installed, can I do it remotely?

If you want SUSE Enterprise Linux, you need to contact Novell about SLED 11.

If you want a boxed version of openSUSE, your best bet is to wait another month and buy the boxed version of openSUSE 11.2. Bear in mind that without Internet access you cannot download any of the proprietary codecs.

If you have a network connection, it should be possible to install it over a network: http://en.opensuse.org/Network_Install

Thank you for answer! No, don’t need boxed version or Enterprise.
Network Install - openSUSE tells about new fresh install, can it upgrade my installed suse_10.0 correctly? It is too old :wink:

You might as well upgrade to 11.1 or 11.2.

Considering that 11.1 has most bugs under control, fixed, and 11.2 has most bugs unfixed, if you are not going to be accessing the machine locally if something goes wrong, you might be better off using 11.1 which at this time is more reliable.

I can’t think of a way to do the install remotely, from beginning to end. So probably you have to go to the machine.