Upgrade leap 42.1 to 42.2 then will goto 42.3 when ready

I am trying to upgrade as states on the info in the from 42.1 to 42.2 as the system stopped getting updates
I first removed all the repos and was going to do a live upgrade but in the end downloaded the dvd

At the end of the upgrade I got hast error
Execution of command ““parted”,”-s","/dev/sda",“disk_set”,“pmbr_boot”,“off”]]" failed
Exit code 1
Error output: parted: invalid token: pmbr_boot

It was then followed with

Execution of command “”/usr/sbin/shim-install","–config-file=/boot/grub2/grub.cfg"]]"failed.
Exit code 1
Error output no valid EFI partition

I am now currently trying to save the home folder
I was able to boot selecting one not the options while in grub but I have no network access & it won’t allow me to change firewall rule due to having no write access.

Have I bricked my system ?

I have booted a live distro to pull home folders and hopefully I am able to restore once I have sorted…


I now have a working machine using a live disk…

I havent done an update for a while so throught the best route would be the dvd…

I have 2.2GB Swap part
215GB - Btrfs part this contains system files i think
783GB - Ext4 this does have my home folders.

Is there a way i can do a fresh install but point the home folder to be partition 3? /dev/sda3

I have recently installed opensuse 42.1 on my main gaming pc due to support for amd video drivers & will need to update that in the near future as well…

UEFI is turned off currenly on my machine. so i dont know if this is why its failed.

Many thanks

(originally started posting on my tablet)

I managed to get around this by doing a clean install which it is currently doing
Thanks for people posting ref home folder made my life 100% easier
Reading ref upgrades