Upgrade 11.0 --> 11.3


any experience with it? Has anybody upgraded successfuly?



You could go from 11.0 → 11.1 → 11.2 → 11.3. Maybe if you have finished successfully 11.3 is out :p. But i recommend to do a fresh install. If you have enough space you could copy your home directories like this to an other unixlike (ext3, ext4, reiserfs) partition or disk:

cp -a /home/Your User Destination/

this should of course a part which wont be overwritten during installing procedure.
after you have finished your installation you can overwrite your home directory by first removing it as root (be sure not to be logged in as this user and not have a connection to the internet) and copy the saved homedirectory back to its original position.

Do a complete re-install and change your file system to ext4 at the same time.

What should be backuped? (except /home)

As I did installation just once and after only upgrade, I have very newcomer question - is it neccessary to reinstall also all other applications? For example Wine and its Windows applications? Or are the applications just upgraded and if no new version is available they are kept - for example Fotoxx is not in base installation so if I reinstall the system (format and install), must I install Fotoxx again?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You could just keep /home and live with the fact that it’s not ext4 (no biggie)

All your settings, including .wine (and it’s windows applications) will remain
All your Linux applications (including wine) will need re-installing if they are not included in the default install.

Just to clarify
(dot) .wine is the settings and installation folder in /home (hidden files/folders), not the application itself.
You will need to check wine for install during or post installation.

But if I understand well, part of configuration Wine are applications Windows. Correct?

What I dont like on reinstall is re-setting the system, I know the applications setting will remain but to remember all applications I use (not the same like installed :slight_smile: ), codecs, NTFS, points for NTFS HDD, placing backup script, printer etc :slight_smile: - it will be long night :smiley:

not wishing to hijack the thread, the suggestions with a fresh install is purely down to file system reasons onto ext4?
ie: those already on ext4 FS can just upgrade (eg: 11.2 > 11.3)

Nope. There’s a lot more. Some of the system config files change over the years.

On the mount points: During install, edit the partition setup, go for the option “Import Mount Points”, check the checkbox for “Format system volume” and your old partition scheme will be saved except for root.

Me too, I suggest a clean install of 11.3, then add whatever you need. On my main machine I had a complete install in 2 hours, incl. webserver config, NFS, NIS and updating to KDE4 4.4.5 (admitted I have a very fast connection).

All windows applications you install with wine reside in .wine
I installed 11.3 last week, keeping /home and all my 2 windows applications are still there and working

Keep a copy on a USB stick of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file from 11.0 in case you wish to use it on 11.3. What hardware do you have? That makes a big difference as to your expected experience in the update.


all your wine applications will remain if you upgrade but depending on your speed it will be a very long night to upgrade from 11.0 to 11.3 anyway

besides sometimes even upgrading from one version to another can be unreliable, to upgrade three times is risky in my opinion you may do all this work and find you have to reinstall fresh from 11.3 anyway, has anybody actually tried upgrading from 11.0 to 11.3? you could be looking at 10gb of updates and the dvd is only 4.2gb.

If you want to avoid a long night in the long run, make a list of all extra applications you require before upgrading then install them after.

If your printer is usb it should be automatically detected anyway.

If your printer is network, entering the manufacturer make and model should be all you need and it should download drivers itself.

During install manufacturer’s PPD’s are installed anyway.

Any problems, let me know I will help as much as I can.


I choosed clear installation…


Krusader 2.0 is strengh in case of ntfs - always after copy files to the ntfs hdd it says that it cant change the rights - I dont know why, it didnt (file is copied)

Nvidia drivers - it seems not yet out for 11.3, from 11.2 it asks ksym.so which is not available

Plasma themes - only air seems to be useful, others are unreadable or some parts of graphic are out of screen edge

That and a whole lot of knowledge and experience :wink: :slight_smile:

make a backup copy of your home directory and do a fresh install, that way you will be able to restore your settings as you see fit (e.g. firefox, kmail, …)

On 2010-07-15 06:36 GMT atilius wrote:

> Hello,
> any experience with it? Has anybody upgraded successfuly?

It’s too early to ask that question. However, contrary to many opinions
here, what I would do is: just try it. :slight_smile:

With a safety net, of course.

I have always updated my systems, all the way from 6.3… with one fresh
install at 8.x, I think it was. So I can attest that the procedure
works. With hiccups sometimes.

What I do is first try the new system in another partition, to be sure
that it will work fully. Sometimes I have to wait some months after
release. Then I make a full backup, to be sure that I can recover from
any type of disaster in the process. Then I attempt the upgrade (yes,
even jumping three versions in one jump).

If it fails completely, I still can install fresh (I have my backup to
recover any file I need). Or, I can recover the backup, and retry the
upgrade, or revert to the old version if the new one fails to run.

But I do not use the zypper dup procedure, but the dvd boot one.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” GM (Minas Tirith))