updater file crashed HDD

I use Suse 11.0. I saw an update need in the updater. I installed it with out looking at the detail. It required to reboot my laptop. My laptop gave an error and would not boot.

I then put the DVD in and ran the repair but it still would not work. Some how the update file crashed my OS or was hacked into.

Do I need to worry about any updates files (are they safe)?
Can someone send me a update file and hack in to my pc?
Should I look at each update file?

I was luck to backup my system and reinstall as a new install. After boot up I saw the old user and was even able to get my files back.

Should I worry about be hacked or rootkit installed?

Dell Laptop 9300
1 gig Ram
120 HDD
ATI video card

My laptop gave an error and would not boot
In future remember the error and post it here.

The update was a Kernel update. No you were not hacked. Updates are safe so long as you use trusted sources.

Can someone send me a update file and hack in to my pc?
NOT via the update repo supplied by OpenSuse.

Should I look at each update file?
Yes and No. If updates are from Suse and other trusted sources. No.
But Yes if you want to know what is going on. A Kernel update is quite a major update and often breaks video and other drivers complied against the existing Kernel.
Requiring a re-install of video drivers.

You re-install of the whole OS was really not necessary. Your files were all there because they are in a separate partition and by default the installer would keep that as is. If you used the same user name you will just log right into it.

Worry - Maybe, but not really. Install rkhunter if you want, but it’s likely you might not fully understand it’s results.

No, the kernel update has been known to upset the boot loader (grub) setup. 99% sure this is what happened. If this should happen in the future and the boot loader repair doesn’t fix it, you can usually get a quick fix from someone here on the forums.

Thank you both for the quick reply. I should have written the error down. The only one I remember is error 5 (guess- do not remember) on the bootup trying on the sda5 which was a swap part.

I tried the repair section on DVD but after it would not boot up. Sorry being a NOOB to linux I did not know how else to get Suse up and running.

Now about the kernal update from the updater. Is there a updated patch. I only use Suse, ATI, Mozilla for the repositories updater.

Thanks again…

Error 5
Is a grub error

Grub is you bootloader

In a terminal type
then your root password

now type

fdisk -l

This will show your partitions. Copy and paste it here.
It should help us see things better.
And tell us if you have other OS’s on there.

Is there a updated patch.
The kernel update is an update.
The repo’s you quote are fine, normally after you have installed libdvdcss from Videolan repo - you disable it
Then just keep
(ati) ok
(mozilla) ok