Updater does not run, need help with zypper

Hi guys,
I’m a fairly new linux user, and can’t seem to download software updates for my openSUSE 10.2 installation. I don’t remember when the problem started, but I have been unable to download patches, security updates, etc.
Due to slowness, I uninstalled Zenworks (but not opensuse updater). I have since reinstalled it, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference; still no updates. Right now it is uninstalled again, and the opensuse updater icon in the tray says “Error:helper program returned:” on mouseover. I have done all the usual stuff of deleting and then readding all of my package repositories, setting up an online update source through YAST, and have been playing around extensively for months now. I thought maybe it could be remedied using zypper. The ‘zypper pch’ command lists a whole whack of things, all of which have the status of ‘Broken’. ‘zypper pchk’ tells me I have 0 patches needed, and ‘zypper up’ tell sme that there are no updates needed, and that there is nothing to do. Since I have not been able to update in months, i know there is lots out there in terms of security patches, but how do i access these? Thanks a whole bunch!