Updated from 423. - D-Bus errors on different installs


Plan vanilla 43.2 KDE installs updated to Leap 15 according to SDB Documentation (init 3 and zypper dup after renaming repos, looked fine in the beginning). After some time up and running the systems show signs of degradation, sometimes Dolphin can’t open files (unable to create slaves type file or samba), sometimes the Application Launcher simply does not open any more, sometimes the complete panel disappears with “Could not connect to D-Bus” error.

All 3 machines I updated recently are hardly usable any more. On one machine I did in zypper a reinstall of all installed packages, which completed with an error (I didn’t find any error messages in the output though).

Any chance to get this stable again?

Guess you updated from openSUSE Leap 42.3?

If you use the same “/home/USER”-directories which you used with openSUSE Leap 42.3 then the problems may be caused by incompatible configurations (e.g. in /home/USER/.config).

Things worth trying:

  • Create a new user (with an empty “/home/NEWUSER”) and see wether that user performs “normal”. If so you can move old config files one by one to the new directory in order to see what is causing the problem.
  • Delete all files in “/tmp” and “/var/tmp”. Make sure that there are no running services which access those directories. (Ideally use the rescue-environment from the openSUSE Leap installation media)



…I searched the zypper logs for “error”, found only some package names, absolutely nothing indicating an error with the re-install of all installed packages…

The VNC session produces the D-Bus errors when the ssh console is closed, from which the VNCserver was started. hmmm…

Please show

zypper lr -d
zypper dup
zypper up


You could put the output on paste.opensuse.org

Hi Knurpht!

It’s 100% reproducible that the D-Bus errors come up when the ssh session for starting the VNCserer is ended. So it’s a problem with the VNCserver session. I checked the repos, all OK, all an 15.0…

Hi susejunky! Sorry for overseeing your suggestions! Will try it when I get physical grip on these machines again. For the time being they are remote. No way to boot from outside the built-in media…


Got my persistent VNCserver (systemd service) to start on boot again on the most important machine, so no problem with unconnecting ssh here.

Could not solve the dying DBus connection when closing ssh session which started VNCserver - maybe I should try “screen”? :smiley: