Update size leap 15.4 vs tumbleweed

I’m using leap 15.4 and getting a lot of updates lately. Everything seems to be working ok so far.
If I switched to tumbleweed what would be the difference in the amount and frequency of the updates?
I’m just using it for home desktop, browsing, email, word processing

@1chip I would suggest sticking to the Leap 15.x series if it’s working for you, one more release in the pipeline.

If you switched to Tumbleweed or MicroOS Desktop (Use flatpaks for your user applications), there will always be upgrades to the next snapshot happening, sometimes daily…

Yes, there would be a big difference.

Tumbleweed tends to update daily, although there’s occasionally a skipped day or two. The Tumbleweed updates tend to be considerably larger.

ok thanks. I was wondering about the size. I’ll stick with leap.

I wonder what you mean with “size”. I update 15.4 once a week. Today I had a kernel and systemd (and some others), those have some size, but it is only a few packages. In all, I had ~ 20 packages today (security and recommended), Mostly it is far less. I would not call that “large updates”.

For comparison, I updated Tumbleweed (in a VM) today. I had previously updated on Saturday. There were 258 packages to update.

As a rule of thumb expect with Tumbleweed the equivalent of a one hour video per month (two minutes per day).

As everyone seems to note, there is a large number of updates in Tumbleweed, varying generally between 10 and 50 per day (at times —a lot— more!). I think my record was 533 after 3 days… But you are not obliged to update every day; I update three times a week as a rule of thumb and if I skip a day, it might bring in another 50-odd packages but it could simply update some updates I haven’t applied. Expect to spend 5 minutes if you are frequent, 15 if it is less than once a week… You can run the updates in the background and many only need you to log out and log in again; just a few core update need a complete restart and that can always be done at lunchtime or the end of day.
Remember, Leap is considered stable and thus package updates may even skip a version or two. Updates are only at package level. Tumbleweed is bleeding-edge so every version release is in the update run - and updates are not considered package-level but distribution-level; you should do a zypper dup rather than a zypper up since these are technically almost daily rolling releases of the entire distribution.

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