Update removing manually

I just updated TW by zypper dup.
Got a big load of packages…

I would like to do an upgrade again with
Zypper dup - no–recommends

Now I have to get rid of all the updates.
Of course I could just get a snapshot and everything would be fine.
But for educational reasons I would like to de-install the updates manually.
Could some one give me a little help with this, respectively give me the command to Uninstall updates?

My concerns:
if I just deinstall a packages that was downloaded during the update. Will it be replaced automatically with the origin?.. Or more likely leaving a gap an thus leading maybe to an error?

If this section is the wrong one for my question, I apologize.
please relocate in that case.

No, because those original packages are no longer in the repo. You would have to go back to the history repos to find them.

… Or more likely leaving a gap an thus leading maybe to an error?

Yes, that’s what would happen.

You can probably identify the package using “/var/log/zypp/history”. And then use Yast Sofware Management. Go to the “package classification” view. And look for unnneeded packages. If you find any of the recently installed packages among the unneeded, those are probably the ones that would have been excluded with “–no-recommends”.

But that might take a lot of effort.

Thanks for the fast reply…
I see… It seems to be a time intense, if not impossible, task.

Isn’t there another way?
I mean, how does other distros with a rolling release deal with that problem. I am sure not every one has that little time-wayback machine like snapper.
The way you described is very very very labor-intensive.

My question is not doubting about your answer! Don’t get me wrong.
I am just curious.

No simple answer, but this thread may be of interest to you….

Try the packages option of zypper…

zypper pa --help
zypper pa --orphaned
zypper pa --installed-only --recommended

thanks 4 the answers!

to sum it up:
It all would have been to be done by hand/yourself and take hell of a time.

My thoughts an that topic are… Opensuse had the snapper function since 42.X
A very useful tool in case of self-destroying/devastating updates.

and it may be a stupid question… but anyway

since opensuse has this function and other distros do not.
why is opensuse lesser used than something like arch?

Opensuse seems very very neat!

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