Update LEAP 15


An hour ago I just accepted some update recommended in the tray. Unfortunately I left the computer. Something went completely wrong. After reboot I can see in Grub that it tries to start tumbleweed, and ends up freezing in a black screen without any messages. I use LEAP 15!

It is April 1. but the joke is not funny.

What should I do - Reinstall?

Regards, Mogens

You most probablt added a Tumbleweed repo (a one-clicj install?).

Please show your repo list:

zypper lr -d

I see you are new here: Welcome!
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This can usually be fixed without install. But we need that repo information (as requested by hcvv) to give specific advice.

Here’s what probably happened. You added some software, probably by searching at “software.opensuse.org”. And that added a Tumbleweed repo and left it enabled. So the next update used that repo. Unfortunately, it is too easy to do this. There’s an open bug report on this (bug 1130707).

Hi guys

I can see there’s an issue on updating for the time being.

My LEAP 15 was severely damaged it froze just after GRUP so I could not get to the terminal to make “zypper lr -d”. I tried rescue on the installation USB pen, but my username an password were corrupt as well.
The installation was only a week old so I have now reinstalled opensuse and happily running again. No data loss, no big deal :wink:

Thx for the answer.

Regards, Mogens

*"Here’s what probably happened. You added some software, probably by searching at “software.opensuse.org”. *

You might bee right here, last thing before fatal update was install R and R studio.

I will be more careful next time.:wink:

Regards, Mogens

When you install software that way, it is best to then check your repos. You can use Yast Software Repositories for that. And disable any newly added repo – especially if it says “Tumbleweed” or “Factory”.

For now, you can probably repair the problem. Disable any repo that is not explicitly for Leap 15.0. Keep the standard openSUSE repos enabled, and keep the packman repo (for 15.0) enabled. Disable anything else.

Then run, from a root command line:

zypper dup

That should restore your system back to Leap 15.0.

In post #4 the OP explains that he reinstalled LEAP 15.0 and is happily running. Thus no repair required anymore.

Thanks. I missed that.