Update impossible because tlp conflict

Update using Discover is impossible because of conflict in one package.
Trying to update I get this error message:

Dependency resolution failed:
the to be installed tlp-1.6.1-2.1.noarch conflicts with 'tuned' provided by the installed tuned-

Unfortunately in Discover seems impossible deselect few packages from update then at present I can’t update my system.

There are already several threads and bugreports regarding this topic. You need to make a decission (you are the admin of your system) and remove one of the packages. tlp and tuned are conflicting each other. You can only have one installed at the time. This change and conflict was introduced recently on purpose. Most user remove tuned as it is a really harware limited tool (only sata drives and hardwired ethernet).

That is another good example why it is recommended/required to use zypper dup for upgrading a Tumbleweed system. zypper gives you solver questions and you can make a choice and procede with the upgrade…

In my notebook I’ve two ssd disk so no sata at all.
Less clear to me what “hardwired ethernet” means. If it’s “ehternet cable” connection at present I don’t use it but it could be useful in the future.

From now and on I will use it when GUI update will have problem.

Sorry my mistake: tuned can only deal with ATA HDDs and ethernet network. tlp can deal with all kind of power saving functions for all kind of hardware (including the aforementioned). So it is safe to remove tuned.

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Done. Thanks for help.

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