Update Archive Priority

After using OpenSUSE for many years, it’s time to immerse myself and fine-tune the operating system in my Linux computers.
I have a mix of OpenSUSE and Windows computers in my network, all behind a firewall (Sophus UTM) that uses VPN (through an ASUS router) to access the Internet.

My question is:
How do I do so that OpenSUSE 42.3 uses the file that comes from the archive that has the highest priority when updating.

How do I do, all configuration tips and referrals are needed and appreciated?

/ Roland

Sorry, I may be a bit dumb, but I assume some more explanation is required here.

Which archive? What does it archive? Where is it?
What is the connection with the Windows systems on your LAN? Why do you mention the connection to the Internet, the firewall, etc.

This I do not understand much of.

Now, when your conclusion is that I live in a different world then you and that there will be plenty of other people here that will immediate understand about which aspect of computing you are talking, that is fine. Then forget this post and wait for those other people.

My guess is that you don’t really mean “archive,” you really mean “repository.”

Updating will by default always modify based on the version number of the specified package name. An incremented number will trigger replacement. You have to “lock” packages to prevent updating.

The zypper MAN pages is a detailed and complete (and very long) description of this and more.
You can also find various guides and blogs on the Internet that might be easier reading.