Update 15.5 Beta breaks GUI

This weeks update breaks the Mate GUI.
It says the window manger is not supported and all the executions pop up in the upper left hand corner and disappear if you move them.

Going to reinstall 15.5 to see if that fixes the problem.

The lastest DVD image has the same problem

My config is:
Install with plain desktop (not kde, gnome or xfce)
network in network manager
sshd is enabled
no firewall
MATE gui choosen in software setup
/boot/efi partition
/ partition formated ext4
swap partition 16mb

it says Window Manager is not supported if you attempt to set any defaults

I did not have any problems with KDE. Maybe there’s a MATE problem. Perhaps a bug report might be appropriate.

Bugziila created Bug 1207727

I changed that to a link to the bug report. That helps others find it.