upcoming 11.3

Dear Sirs’

            would all audio and videos run out of box in the upcoming 11.3?

has the needed codecs added ? atleast the free and oss ones,
as in 11.2 I was not able to play any mp3 or any videos…

Because the legality of using some codecs has not changed, this will be the same as it was for 11.2 and before.

I have no doubt there will be a 11.3 version of this page: Restricted Formats/11.2 - openSUSE-Community

And that is what you should have done to your 11.2.

so there are no free and oss alternatives of the same:(

The fluendo-mp3 codec for gstreamer is free, but the only one.

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thank you for the update, would try it.

From the latest preview version of opensuse 11.3 (release candidate 1) the position is the same as opensuse 11.2 - in that the multimedia packages are not included.

As shown in an early posting to the topic the multimedia guide will be updated for 11.3 and it is fairly straightforward to get things working.

I’ll try 11.3 once the final version is out.