Unresolvable dependencies - but packages should be there


I have strange problem with several packages, each one depending on previous. I mean, package A provides A-devel which is needed be A-plugins.
Everything was fine, package A was build successfully for all chosen repos and architectures. But the next package A-plugins, failed to compile, because of unresolved dependencies (no A-devel), but only for few repos/arch.
When I look in to the repository, there is no A and A-devel packages for all repos and arch - even for that ones where building of A-plugins was successfully.
I’ve checked publish flag - and it should be published. But in Packages for every repo I see .nosourceaccess file. What is that?
What should I do to put those packages to the repo? And why some have those unresolved dependencies error?


Looks like you just need to be patient :wink:

Things are building…

You need to look on the build status UI and run your mouse over the icons, there are some that are showing an exclamation mark “State needs recalculation” and then the clock icon “Build… new repository not created”.

Suggest you look at using osc locally to build and confirm all is ok, then upload the files for building/publishing on OBS.

I’ve always click ,Post’’ too fast… I was waiting for this build for several hours. And just before my post I changed something: I’ve deleted some files (like old spec) - and after few minutes it’s starts to run again!
Anyway - thank you your response. And for anyone with same problems - just be sure you don’t have any additional source files in your packages.

If you build locally, then no need to wait. Using osc is great :wink:

Yes - waiting for this build in meantime I’ve prepared rest of packages :-D.

I have still one problem: packages didn’t get into repositories. Only few of all my build packages are in my repositories - looks like it status was refreshed 2 days ago, although I successfully build some packages yesterday. What’s wrong?

I think they may have been having some mirror issues, so you just need
to be patient for it to filter through.

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Again, you’re right. All packages appeared in repositories. Thank you for help!
But I’m still curious - what is the procedure for the package to go into the repository that I can get it from the server? I didn’t see any information about that details in the wiki.

If you look at the build status, then in the left column with
distribution type eg openSUSE 11.3 if you click on that it will then
provide more detail on the packages, then you can goto the repository
from here, or click on the rpm name and it provides even more detail.

Once you get to the repository, on the right of the rpm you can click
on the details here and it will show what mirror the rpm is on as well.

If the OBS publisher isn’t working, it won’t get pushed out…

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Thanks for your explanations, but I’d rather to know what is the procedure for the server side. I mean: I commit some package, which trigger the rebuild. After packages is successfully created what happens next? Did it waits for some regular process (like crontab tasks), which put it to repositories, or it waits for some moderator?

Have a read here:

This one should also offer more info :slight_smile:

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