Unopenable encrypted LVM after upgrade

I had a running 42.3 on and old I7 16Go ram, for basic internet use at home. Being adventurous I had decided to install an LVM encrypted configuration with btrfs, leaving the sizing to the default. I was working, no i did not forget de password, it’s still on a piece of paper somewhere as there is nothing worth hiding that bad.
Then I updated the system, with the result of it not booting anymore, felt pretty ****ed as to read the logs if any, and repair, you need to open the file which it won’t do anymore.:’(
So I reinstalled on another HD, system works , ruling out hardware failure (excepted hd).

How could I read what is on my encrypted hd ?

Any manual page for mounting some encrypted lvm ?

I can’t tell what’s your problem with booting. There’s too little information for that.

To access an encrypted LVM:

cryptsetup luksOpen   /dev/sdX    cr_symbolic_name

Replace “/dev/sdX” with the actual device name. The “cr_symbolic_name” can be anything unique that meets normal unix naming requirements. In openSUSE, it usually begins “cr_”.

You should be prompted for the encryption key. After that, look in “/dev/mapper”. You should see an entry for “cr_symbolic_name” (or whatever you used). And you will probably also see names for LVM volumes. They might be names such as “system-root” or “system-home” or “system-swap”. You should then be able to mount those (except swap) to access them.