Unknown Network Status

Whenever I open the system information page it always displays a message under network status of “Unknown network status.”

I am using an Intel Gigabit PCI NIC and it is working fine. It shows up in YaST, is configured with a static IP address, and I can freely browse the internet and access other devices on my LAN.

I initially ran into problems getting my onboard Realtek NIC to work properly and ordered the Intel NIC as my final workaround after trying all suggestions to no avail. My BIOS is now set to disable the Realtek NIC, but I have tried changing this setting to both auto and enabled and still receive the same message. This is also the same message I received when I was trying to get the Realtek NIC to work before the Intel card.

Is this network status something that I will just have to deal with since the onboard NIC isn’t working? Any suggestions for having the network status checker look at my Intel NIC instead of the onboard NIC?