Unity - Where will it flow

Hi, I just read an article that is very enlighting in a way.
Since Ubuntu will be pushing Unity to be the number one choice of desktop i think it will change the desktop scape in the opensource community.

I haven’t seen or tried Unity so far (is it available already?) but it looks like it can be a replacement for Gnome.
Sadly, i am a noob with licencing so i do not know excactly who can or can not write for it, but so far i understood that Unity is a pure inhouse work by Canocial for which they have their own licence.

Ubuntu and the price of Unity - The H Open Source: News and Features

I am not advocating on a desktop and i feel home everywhere. But i wonder if we will get something really desireable with Unity.
Also, there are so many changes that come with it or especially with Canonical. Replacement of X11 comes to mind.
Again, i am a noob in such technical issues and can not say if X11 is, let me say, outdated or does not serve the normal user well.

Well, put your toke down and share what you think about it.

It seems you won’t have to worry about it being in openSUSE just yet.

Fedora and openSUSE Linux Drop Unity Efforts - PCWorld Business Center