Unity Webplayer on linux...

Is it possible to run unity web player on OpenSuse 11.2 ?

If so, how do I install it?

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Hello Daqar,

As you’ve probably seen there isn’t a Linux download on their site.
It isn’t open-source so porting it to Linux isn’t possible either.
The only thing left to do is try it under wine.

If you try it you need install FireFox and the Unity web player.
If it doesn’t work and you really want it you can always go for visualization.

Good luck!:wink:

I can’t find visualization…assuming its a Unity alternative…

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I say try installing wine, then install the windows version of firefox and see if your web player will work in that.
I really hate obscure web plugins, thats why I prefer flash or java in a web page, neither are perfect but at least they have linux ports.

Well…I wanted to play Interstellar Marines. That requires unity. So I’m not sure java or flash will do ! :wink: But thats just about what my native linux firefox has.


Hello Daqar,

O sorry:shame:, it’s a typo.
I was trying to say virtualization.

You should try this first.
And if it doesn’t work you can try visual… eh virtualization.

Good luck!:wink:

Hey! here is a explanation to this question. Install chrome (not chromium) and it runs native so good.

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