Uninstall OpenSuse 11.1...

I may have to uninstall the Gnome version and try the KDE version. I cannot figure out how to make the sound card work. I read that someone else only heard the opening and closing sounds. I didn’t even know that the package made ANY sounds.

But, to uninstall OpenSuse would I go to YaST, System Restoration, and Uninstall? Is that what that particular uninstall means?

Then I will be able to start fresh.

Thank you for your help.


You don’t need to un-install just to try kde.

Open Yast - Software Management
filter by Patterns
add kde4-base

disable auto login and choose kde4 from the sessions button lower left of login screen

Thanks for the quick reply!

Will this give me another version loaded on my drive? I’ll give it a try, but I would like to remove, and have a clean install.


kde and gnome are just desktop environments. You could just use the dvd and install again and select New, selecting kde4 from the choice in the installer. But it is not necessary.
Adding kde4 to your current install doesn’t install another system just some software.

Under Software Manager, I didn’t find “filter by Patterns”, and I didn’t find the KDE4-Base, of Desktop in the listing after clicking on KDE Desktop. Other suggestions?

Have a look at this
To ADD KDE3 via Yast-Software Management -Patterns - Post In - openSUSE Forums

There is video you can download. It is adding kde3 via Yast - Patterns

Patterns is just a selection in the drop box, you have other choices like; repositories