Uncheck show_desktop mouse pointer changes to moving circle

I am creating an openSUSE 11.2 Kiosk image. I have everything pretty much locked down but when I go into the gconf-editor under /apps/nautilius/preferences/show_desktop and uncheck the check box my mouse pointer changes to the circle icon that looks like it moves in a circle. Sortta like the busy or what it does during boot. Hard to describe by typing it out but if you make that change you’ll see what I am talking about. I had this setup like this in previous versions of openSUSE so I am not sure what it is doing or what else I need to do to make the mouse pointer just the arrow like normally. I don’t want the users to be able to right-click on the desktops to get a menu nor add icons so unchecking the show_desktop has served my needs.

Any thoughts or suggestions what I need to do to keep my cursor an arrow and not the spinning circle icon?

Ok, no response there. What about how do I disable a user’s ability to right-click on the desktop and get a menu displayed? Trying to prevent a user from changing anything and in older versions I could simply uncheck the show_desktop and you couldn’t right-click, well you could, but no menu was displayed. That is my desired result. Is there another way I can accomplish this?

Well, I went back to 11.1. If it wasn’t for yast2-firstboot I probably would’ve looked at a different distribution but I’m good now.

Can’t believe no one has commented on a suggestion on how to fix this.:bad: