Unable to update an package

Today I installed updates and zypper can t install an update!
Are someone an ideea?

And on Tumbleweed NEVER use sudo zypper update but ONLY sudo zypper dist-upgrade or short sudo zypper dup


Imagemagick fails to update for me as well, I’m going to try to install without GUI running.

The solution is in the linked thread…

Do you have same error?

It works for you?

Better off in Tumbleweed to do:

su -

Enter root pw, then:

zypper dup

In Tumbleweed, you should not zypper update.

In my case, I only do a zypper dup by booting into (what was known as) runlevel 3
That is by far the safest way, to not run into unwanted problems.

To do that, at the grub screen, hit e to edit the highlighted boot line
Scroll down to the line that starts with “linux”, hit the END key to get to the end of the boot line, add a space and the number 3, then hit F10 to boot.

That way, you can just log in as root, no need to use su or sudo, just issue the command:

zypper dup

with any additional parameters you might want.

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This finally solved the issue for me - thank you so so much!
I’d like to add one small thing: after having updated the system, reboot as instructed, then on the boot screen, select the first entry, press e again and remove the 3 from the end. Otherwise you’ll keep being booted into runlevel 3

Hmmm. That isn’t normal. When you do the edit as I proposed, that is only temporary for the one boot … or should be. You shouldn’t have to edit it again at the next boot.

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I can`t update anymore


I mentioned this already in the first comment…
Simply abort…

sudo zypper rm ImageMagick-config-7-SUSE
sudo zypper in ImageMagick
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