Unable to start XBMC after Packman update (Solved)

11.4-64, KDE 4.7.4, XBMC 10.1-5.2

Problem: I updated some files from Packman yesterday. Later in the day I tried to load XBMC and could not (it had been running fine and stable on this PC for a long time).

Findings: When I attempted to load XBMC from terminal I got

~> xbmc /usr/lib64/xbmc/xbmc.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libpostproc.so.50: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Reinstallation of XBMC did not help.

Used YAST, Software Management to search for “libpostproc”, It turned out that libpostproc.so.50 had been replaced by libpostproc.so.51

Solution: Used Yast to reinstall libpostproc.so.50 from Packman repo

XBMC is working fine now.

I hope this post will help someone else with the same problem.

I’d first try symlinking *50 to *51. It’d probably work.

packman provides both, IMHO a better solution.

That was my thinking