Unable to ssh into new client

I just did a fresh install of 12.2, and I’m trying to set up the ssh server such that I can ssh into the workstation. Currently my connection just times out :frowning: Some things I’ve checked

ps -A | grep sshd
6387 ?        00:00:00 sshd

I can ssh and telnet (on port 22) to the localhost, but not from another machine. I can ssh out without issue, and I can telnet out without issue too.

DNS resolution is being carried out correctly.

Any thoughts? Are there any default firewalls or iptable rules in openSUSE which would block incoming ssh requests by default? So far, all request are from the same subnet (although ultimately I want to be able to connect from any machine).

Yes, you need to open the firewall for port 22.

Yast → Security and Users → Firewall

Click “Allowed Services”. Select “Secure Shell Server” in the “Service to allow” box. Click “Add”.

I hope I have those details right. When installing from live media, the ssh server seems to be automatically started. When installing from the DVD, there’s an option near the bottom of the install choices, to start ssh server and open firewall.

Yes. By default SUSEfirewall is running, and blocks port 22 for incoming connections (of course you can still use ssh or telnet to connect to other machines or to localhost).
You can configure the firewall in YaST->Security and Users->Firewall.
Either turn it off (in Startup), or add the interface you want to connect to to the internal zone (in Interfaces), or open the ports in “Allowed Services”. Choose “Secure Shell Server” from the chooser and click on “Add”.

Or maybe easier:
Enter YaST->Network Services->SSHD Configuration, you can configure sshd there.
This contains a checkbox labelled “Open Port in Firewall”, enable this and you should be able to connect.

Perfect thanks!