Unable to open nautilus directly

Clicking on desktop icon only gives loading animation, while from terminal it returns this message:

user@host: ~> nautilus

(nautilus:26550): Tracker-ERROR **: 11:59:55.915: Unable to find default domain ontology rule /usr/share/tracker/domain-ontologies/default.rule
[1]    26550 trace trap (core dumped)  nautilus
user@host:~> nautilus --version

(nautilus:26780): Tracker-ERROR **: 12:11:14.961: Unable to find default domain ontology rule /usr/share/tracker/domain-ontologies/default.rule
[1]    26780 trace trap (core dumped)  nautilus --version

Strangely enough, google only gives nautilus failing build pipeline as you can see here https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/-/jobs/83698.

Oh, and one more. File picker dialog box works just fine.

Any method to debug this/find log files would definitely helps.

I’m running tw 20180812. Though this first appeared long before this release (1-3 weeks ago maybe).

Hi giovanism,
I just fixed with a
zypper in --no-recommends tracker

I guess you don’t like tracker as well (like me) and you did not install it.
Nautilus uses libtracker-common-2_0, which in turn requires that file to be existing.

Dependencies need to be updated.

Works like a charm, tantalus. Great thanks!

Though for my case, I don’t use tracker because I had installed GNOME shell’s not through patterns and I didn’t seem to need tracker.