Unable to move icons in system panel

I mistakenly deleted the system panel at the bottom, then to recover, I added the default panel so I now have all the widgets back but now I can’t move around any on the icons in the task manager. Widgets are not locked and I don’t find any other applicable setting. What have I not done or done wrong?

I should add that I am running KDE on 11.4

Right click on any blank space and pick Panel Options / Panel Settings (or just Panel Settings, if you just get that choice), that should allow you to move things around. The Task Manager often gets people because, even when no programs are loaded and it is blank, it is there and taking the largest space in the middle.

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Figured it out. I went to the Task Manager Settings and set Grouping and Sorting to Manually which allowed me to rearrange the open window icons within the taskbar.

Great news to hear you found the solution. Good work DonMLewis.

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