Unable to loggin in TTY

First sorry for my poor English!
After the mega update 1-2 days ago (more than 5K packages for me), i can’t log in TTY (ctrl + alt + F 1… to 6) as root or as user.
The password is still valid, i can open YAST.
Thanks for the help.

Try typing in your password into the username part of the login prompt.

Its possible that:

a) The capslock / numlock / fn lock keys on your keyboard are in an on state and hence you aren’t entering the keys you think you are.
b) The installation of the updates may have switched the keyboard’s locale to default values and so the characters in your password are not appearing as you would expect when typed.

I thought I had checked these 2 possibilities before coming to ask for help here. Although the “Num Lock” indicator on the numeric keypad was on, the keys did not obey me.
Shame on me for not having checked better.
Thank you for your reply.

Ok, if those two possibilities were ruled out, and if you have access to a terminal in the X Window System on the same machine, then try the following:

  • Open a terminal

  • sudo or su to root

  • Type in

journalctl -f

to follow the systemd journal logs

  • Press CTRL + ALT + F1 to switch to a TTY console and try to log in as a user.

  • Switch back to X Window System (CTRL + ALT + F7)

  • Watch for errors in the systemd journal logs from either “systemd-logind” or “login” units.

  • Paste the systemd journal log output here if the msgs aren’t meaningful.

As I said my English is not very good, and I explained myself poorly.
For me the problem is solved.
Let me explain: although the numeric keypad is indicated as active (light on), it was not.
I pressed the “num lock” key several times (a little annoyed), and then managed to log in. In the future I will know that I must get excited about this key before considering asking for help.
I appreciate your intervention.
I carefully note your proposed solution especially the “journalctl -f” to type in a terminal, that can be used later.
Thank you.