Unable to log in to progress.opensuse.org

I recently received a response to a very old ticket (#128708) at https://progress.opensuse.org, and want to see the context at the website. However, when I attempt to log in, all I see is:

Any idea what causes this, and what to do to remediate it? I can’t imagine that I’ve somehow broken the LDAP system.

@rokejulianlockhart you used your openSUSE ID to login?

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@malcolmlewis, yes. The credentials for openSUSE Login and Missing cookie, etcetera.

The problem is your email address not matching, maybe you changed it in the IDP system at some point.
I corrected it now, please try it again. If it still does not work, create a ticket for it through admin@opensuse.org.


@crameleon, it indeed works now. Thank you.

Was the fault mine? I ask because it appears that I’m able to modify the e-mail address at https://progress.opensuse.org/my/account, so maybe user_mail should be disabled to prevent mismatch?

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It’s definitely not good for it to use the email as the mapping attribute. But patching it would likely cause some regressions.
Disabling the field sounds like a good intermediate solution, but is currently not possible natively (Feature #33216: /my/account: Prevent users from changing their Email [redmine 4.1.0 stable] - Redmine) and still leaves room for breakage if the email address is changed on the IDP side (through idp-portal.suse.com).

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