Unable to install updates from Package Updater

Hi folks,

When my installation notifies me that there are package updates, I can’t install them. I get the following error:

Could not get updates

Failed to process request

and under “More details”:

Failed to cancel: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PackageKit.Transaction.NotSupported: Cancel not supported by backend

Unfortunately, I’ve not used this machine for a while so haven’t done any updates for that time. Not sure what has caused it to stop working, though.

Any ideas?


Just do a

zypper up

and forget that Package Updater (whatever it is).

Ah yes, thanks. Yeah, I’m running a desktop rather than a server, hence Package Updater popping up the notifications.

It is of course up to you, but many here have that thing switched off, or even uninstalled, or even more drastic: uninstalled PackageKit.