Unable to install Scribus 1.4.2

Scribus was downloaded a few days ago. I tried to install it with Yast, but got the following error messages:

Error while creating client module

Failed to search for provides
Error calling StartServiceByName for org. FreeDesktopPackageKit
GDBus. Error: Org. freedesktop.DBus. Error Timed Out
Activation of org.freedesktop.DBus.PackacgeKit timed out.

I had downloaded the SUSE Linux free download desktop trial a few months ago, but I couldn’t get it up at all. I presently have openSUSE in use. The messages suggest to me that parts of the freedesktop kit are still there and lousing me up. How do I get rid of them without having to dump openSUSE as well? Or do these messages suggest something else to you?

openSUSE current version, homebuilt desktop, AMD 64

Haven’t you asked the same two weeks ago?

So look for “Install/Remove Software” in your application start menu and install it from there as described in that thread.

And if you want to get rid of PackageKit, just open YaST->Software Management (or “Install/Remove Software”), search for “PackageKit” and uninstall it.

And please do not say “current version”, but take the trouble to find out the real version number and type that. Takes less typing after all and others will know what version yoou have, even if they come to this thread after two years from now.