Unable to install either Chromium browser or Neo Linux 4 32bit rpm

Can anyone help please as i am new to SUSE 12.2 KDE but not new to Linux as I run UBUNTU on another PC.I would like to install Google chromium browser 26 .0.141 for RPM,but I cant install it as libstdc++.=4.1.1 is needed.How do I install this file?Secondly I want to install Nero4 Linux 32bit for rpm but again when I try to install it I am told that libopus.so.0 is not installed.How do I find and install this please? Michael:X

How are you installing?

“chromium” is in the standard repos. Go into Yast software management, and select “chromium” to install. It should automatically install any dependencies.

Requirements state that it needs
Glibc 2.3.6 and libstdc++6 4.1.1 (or higher)
GTK+ 2.8.0 (or higher)
SuSE Linux 10.3

source:- Nero - Nero Linux 4 - Update

All requirements are met. But it doesn’t install.I believe there is some problem with rpm. Also it uses very old libraries.

You are better off using k3b or something like that than Nero

Noted thanks. I also managed to install Chromium from repositories.:sarcastic:

Zypper tells you where libopus.so.0 is included (it’s in packman repo)

zypper wp libopus.so.0
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
S | Name           | Type    | Version   | Arch   | Repository
i | libopus0       | package | 1.0.2-2.1 | x86_64 | packman   
v | libopus0       | package | 1.0.2-2.1 | i586   | packman   
  | libopus0-32bit | package | 1.0.2-2.1 | x86_64 | packman 

But are you sure that the missing dependencies aren’t reverse (chromium: libopus, nero: libstdc++>=4.1.1)? Because the missing libstdc++ is a known problem of the nero package, like here:
Dependency problem in openSUSE 11.4 32 bit, libstdc++ - Official Nero Forum

There is the recommended solution to force the installation of the RPM:

rpm -ivh --nodeps nerolinux-[your_version].rpm