Ugly images in Firefox

I am a new user of Suse and I am intrigued by this problem with Firefox. Many images look awful. Here is a comparison.

One page viewed in Firefox on the left and the same page viewed in Konqueror on the right:](](

Why not see another comparison:](](

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It does not happen in every site, but it happens often enough to be annoying. Whose fault is this? Firefox’s or some botched picture rendering in Suse?

I think it’s a zoom function of Firefox 3.
When you used zoom function in Firefox 2,
it made only text bigger,
while Firefox 3 zooms pictures too, just like Opera.

I prefer picture to be in scale 1:1,
so I use ‘No squint’ extension.
It allows you to adjust text and full zoom independently.
Try it too:

You’re right. I had a little bit of zoom applied and didn’t realize it.

This version of Firefox (3.0.5 on openSuse 11.1) does not require any plug-ins. The View menu, Zoom entry, has a “Zoom text only” option.

So everything is fine now. Thanks.

Well, maybe too fine. The fonts look too thin in Firefox! I wonder if you have a solution to that too.

Hmm, maybe not the best solution,
but still you may try to change default fonts in
Edit->Preferences->Content -> Fonts & Colors.

Done that, didn’t help. It’s Suse. Suse doesn’t have much regard for fonts. They looked awful in 11.0 and I’ve read that they still suck in KDE 4 (I’m using 3.5).

The thing is that Firefox “uses” GTK libraries to “draw” the windows, styles, theme and fonts; while Konqueror uses Qt to do so.

When KDE launches some GTK app, it uses its GTK engine to render it, instead of Qt native engine. That’s why gnome native appz looks weird under KDE. So, there’s no solution to the thinner fonts, until Gnome & KDE developers joints efforts to do a better GUI.

See you.

The fonts are too thin in QT too. Fonts suck in Suse. They are perfect in Slackware. I’ve been told by Suse users that fonts used to be very nice in Suse 10.3 and became ugly in 11.

Nope, I’ve been having ugly fonts in all versions of suse from version 6 to 11

Very encouraging. I’m this close to kicking Suse and not trying it again for another 6 years. What kind of 1998 distro still can’t get fonts right?

The only problem I have with fonts is this one. And it didn’t happened with 11.0.

With the MS fonts

$ fc-match serif
times.ttf: “Times New Roman” “Normal”
$ fc-match sans-serif
arial.ttf: “Arial” “Normal”
$ fc-match mono
andalemo.ttf: “Andale Mono” “Normal”

and setting /etc/sysconfig/fonts-config:BYTECODE_BW_MAX_PIXEL to 18 I have the fonts exactly like I want them.

I personally don’t really care about fonts,
but there are some packages with additional fonts available.

Webpin: fonts

Also, once you have the correct video driver installed, fonts look great, so that could be the OP’s problem.