Ubuntu Manga: Even Opensuse can benifit from it

This is something real neat that the good folks in the Ubuntu community cooked up, a informative manga to introduce new users to Ubuntu.

Now yes its mainly an advert for Ubuntu but the messages in it are quite clear and also quite humorous.
It has the points of view of both an experienced XP user and a Slackware user when looking at Ubuntu.
Opensuse could use a promotional tool like this, just change Ubuntu to Opensuse and you see where the benefits of something similar can come to play.

maybe we should publish openSUSE hentai? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

If one wishes to…

i’m sure what we need is something to more completely hook openSUSE up
with comic books and games…

a wonderful way to reinforce the propensity of some noobs to approach
an openSUSE install with the same cavalier attitude they do with any
new game or program they wanna download and “just try”…

and, then 30 minutes or so later are really really mad when their (or
their dad’s/mom’s) important stuff has mysteriously disappeared along
with Windows[tm] which was, by the way, working perfectly–and it
never ate any important stuff!!! :mad:


Andy Sipowicz

What the **** is a "manga? and what is this bizarre obsession with trying different versions of what amounts to the same thing? (some variant of linux kernel 2.6.x)? Do you actually do any WORK with your system? If you love “ubuntu”, what are you doing here on the OpenSuse forum? And by the way, just what is a “ubuntu”, anyway? Is it some sort of lost tribe?

No, no, it’s the users of other OSes that we need to depict as perverted. lol!

Richard, I hear you.
I’m thinking: ‘Is this for real?’ What in heavens name are they thinking of?

With my Exp. in Win98 SE and WinXP are you serious about that :wink:

Sigh, gotta love some people.
1: A manga is a Japanese comic
2: I like to experiment with different distros, whats so wrong with that?
Hey OpenSuse is not the only fish in the sea, I mean that is the beauty of linux after all… versatility.
3: I use my computer for many things, I dont use my computer for “work” per se but I do use it…
E-mail, Browsing, Word processing (I write as a hobby)
4: Hey I do admit that I use Ubuntu from time to time, because of the free nature of most distros…
Hey burning a live CD or DVD is not that pricey even with todays crap economy (Burning disks are cheap, $5.99-$8.99 for a 10 pack is fair pricing)
5: I guess this is what I get for mentioning the “U” word here, if you dont like Ubuntu fine thats your priority.
Hey I never said Ubuntu was perfect, neither is Opensuse.
No OS is perfect bub, thats why I like experimenting.

I mainly made this topic because the comic does have good intentions, it shows the common misconceptions of linux in general and also shows the extremist linux side too.
That is the part where I think Opensuse can learn from, much less any distro.
I think the goal of the linuxer should be both helpful and supportive to new user and command line guru alike, no matter what the distro is.
Ubuntu means “humanity towards others”, thats what I try to do no matter if I am using Ubuntu. Opensuse, Debian, Slackware whatever…
But as I said, some people…

Look this was created by a Ubuntu fan, Ubuntu has fans too you know.

Again its more for humor, obviously some people dont have a sense of humor…

I totally agree with RichardET. Even I do not understand the bizzare obsession of trying different versions. People that do WORK with their system do not engage into such things. Pick one version and WORK with that.:expressionless:

I like to try out new things.
Besides if I used the same attitude you do I would still be using Windows XP, I only learned of Linux in the first place because of experimentation.


I will explain you:

! try Ubuntu to install before Mandriva (Madrake) and before Suse,my computer I setup very well a help of a very good friend of my.
The point is I try to install Ubuntu and the graphics wish wash poooh okay,so I install Mandrake(Mandriva) if you like to call it No problemo it works.
From that date I start here (in suse) I have few problem that is okay all the member here trying to help me out the best they can.
I tell every one that you will see in DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD. my user name 1Michael1 a nice donation it will come up this Year and Novell will be happy for few Euro$ that I send to them.rotfl!
I`m not cheap look up;)

Yes every one incl. me try to experiment and I tell you it is about you can try Amiga.Amiga is totally diff. then Linux or Appel trust me I use Amiga in 1998/99 a friend setup to go to internet luck of software:)
So I use for long time Win98/XP now I love Suse


Well me personally I have had a mixed experience with Ubuntu as well.
Versions like Dapper, Edgy, Gusty and Hardy have all worked well for me, though with Feisty and Ibex I have had troubles.
Thats why I keep my door open as possible, try out new things every so often.
With the great invention of the live CD and Virtual Machine trying out new Linux distros has become sort of a hobby of mine.
If I like what I see in the VBox, then I give it a full install to see what its like on my whole system.
I got into the habit of creating a separate /home partition so that allows me to swap around distros.
Currently on my spare box where I am making this post from I triple boot between XP, Ubuntu and OpenSuse.
I have about 4 partitions here, a root partition for Ubuntu, a root partition for Opensuse, a home directory that both share and a near dead XP for play.
Its not like I dont have a life, but I always had a fascination with tying out new software.
I play with beta’s, I test out OS’s and see if it is what I need.
Hey its because of this experimentation that got me into linux in the first place.
Back in my XP I had no choice but to experiment, seeing the issues that it had I played around with software like firefox when it was still firebird and Pidgin when it was still Gaim.
I learned fast on how insecure IE was, how much crap was put into AIM such as ads that quickly compromised my systems.
Without my will to experiment I would have never learned, I would have been stuck with a ad ridden piece of junk that my XP became.

Yeh I am aware of Amiga.
Hey I myself have used many windows versions, I am a windows vet from 95 to XP.
It took me a little while to get into linux, and actually one of the first ones I tried was Suse, back when it was 9.1.
But eh, it kind of sucked…
Actually the distro that really got me into linux was Mepis linux, Mepis was really neat too…
Since then I have experimented further, and have learned a lot about linux.

You know stick with suse they the best members here,you just need patience that is all u need.lol!

You will love it better then Ubuntu;)

Good luck

There I am not so sure, so far I see no real performance advantage of Suse over Ubuntu nor do I see where its “better” in any sense of the word.
The only major thing that interests me with Opensuse is one click install, but I have seen similar with Linux Mint, and KDE 4.2.
I have heard OpenSuse had the best version of KDE, so I installed the KDE version.
So far on that front I see no real advantage over say Kubuntu or Ubuntu with KDE.
But this is based on results so far, long term testing will tell the tale… I intend to give OpenSuse a good month run on my system, from the start of April to the start of May…
On the side I will test out Mandriva 2009.1 and Ubuntu Jaunty, see how they fare.
Right now a lot of distros are coming out with releases, so its prime time to try them out and see how they work out.
If one seems to fare better then the others I will use that as my primary.
Ubuntu right now is my primary, but its Hardy not Ibex as Ibex did not fare well for me so I went back to Hardy…
If Jaunty does not fare well I might very well remove Ubuntu, but lets see how that goes.

Well, you got me wrong. While I totally agree with RichardET, I m not against EXPERIMENTATION. So much that me trying LINUX and openSUSE was indeed because of experimentation. And like you, even I was an WinXP user (not a vet ofcourse).

But my point was this, what is the need to constantly keep trying different flavours? Why not try every distro, experiment with it to your heart’s content, decide what is best and stick to it? This sound logical. Changing the distro you use every time just for the sake of it is just waste of time. Each distro which is installed and which fits your needs, must be sticked to. That was what my point was.

I seriously was not against experimentation.


Well as I said right now is a good time to try out new distros, a lot of updates are coming out right now for each one to try.
Debian recently had Lenny, Mandriva will soon have 2009.1, Ubuntu will soon have Jaunty, PClinux had a 2009 release recently too.
I dont try out every last distro mind you, just ones I have had experience with and maybe one or two newer distros that might suit my needs.
I typically search for distros that offer the following:
1: Desktop oriented (Ubuntu/ Linux Mint, Mandriva, OpenSuse, PClinux, Mepis)
2: General ease of use (Linux Mint, PClinux [Mepis, Ubuntu, Mandriva and OpenSuse are a bit trickier here, in terms of multimedia setup as Mint and PCLOS have most codecs needed pre installed but I know the reasoning behind not including flash and codecs by default. This category is more for my husband as he is interested in linux but is not as fast as I am in it so I set him up with distros like Mint or PCLOS with codecs pre installed])
3: A great community (Ubuntu has a wonderful community, Mandriva and most others not so much… I cant judge this community just yet as my nose is still wet here :))
4: A predictable release schedule (its one area that Mepis and PCLOS lacks, but Ubuntu, Opensuse and Mandriva seem to fit the bill here)

Admittedly for fun I have tried stuff like Debian Lenny and Fedora 10, but mainly as a test…
Safe to say there that Debian lasted me a lot longer though, but I mainly decided to try Debian as I use Debian based distros a lot and they are the ones I am more familiar with.
Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Mepis are sort of my cornerstones with Ubuntu being my main cornerstone as I have stuck with it the longest, after 4 releases being quite reliable for me…
As I said Ubuntu Dapper, Edgy, Gusty and Hardy have worked in my favor…
Feisty and Ibex not so much and we will see what happens with Jaunty.
If Jaunty is good, Ubuntu stays for another 6 months but if its bad then I will wait till the next LTS and most likely keep OpenSuse as my constant.

On Tue, 14 Apr 2009 08:56:01 +0000, Nihilanth wrote:

> decide what is best and stick to it? This sound logical.

Only if nothing ever changes in the distros. But that’s not the case, so
it does tend to be a constant process for some people.


I usually try to stick with a distro for about 6 months (to coincide with Ubuntu’s release schedule)
With Ubuntu I usually stick with the LTS release for longer, depending if the newer versions are good or not…
With Dapper I stuck around with it till feisty came out, with trying out Edgy in between.

I have tried out others in between of course, seeing how they work out.