TUWBLEWEED WEIRD BEHAVIOR:Shutdown/restarts on it own.

I was using the desktop with tumbleweed as usual and suddenly the monitor dimmed off and the system got restarted on its own. After the restart i logged back in and with in few seconds of logging back in the log off screen(the popup on screen when you click log off button) got opened by itself and this time the system got shutdown on its own. This was really creepy, so after powering the machine back i got back in to my Leap install from the boot menu. So how do i identify the root cause of the issue that happened in Tumbleweed ?
I understand TW is a bleeding edge and not a stable distro, but that kind of behavior looked like it was remotely executed. Any way i can cross check ?

That sounds more like a hardware issue. Videocard involved? Any 3rd party drivers? Desktop used?


Nvidia Geforce 210, KDE plasma desktop, no 3rd drivers used,default nouveau drivers. I am currently on my Leap install installed along . Planning to get back in TW once i figure how to identify the issue. It was good a day ago.

Not sure about that but will check. Things are fine in Leap but in Leap i use the Nvidia driver with KDE plasma.

Same behavior happened in openSUSE Leap KDE Plasma using Nvidia drivers. This time the log off screen popped off repeatedly(no sticky keys/no overheating) again and again and i had to keep canceling it like at least 6-8 times and plasma was like kind of non usable so i logged in cinnamon DE of Leap.
Attached Logs from Leap if that helps figuring out something- http://dpaste.com/0S7ED59

Just to make sure, is this happening using the same /home on TW and Leap, or are they entirely separate installs with their own /home ?

BTW I suspect the videocard to be the culprit. Even more if after seeing that X crashes, kscreen is detecting display changes all the time …

No both TW and Leap uses different /home, separate installs. This is the tumbleweed related logs http://dpaste.com/2WNZB97 , if it helps. I used my linux mint install for 2 days and things were smooth with the same graphic card and nvidia driver.
i also noticed this about the power management settings when i logged in today http://i.imgur.com/cgNIkVY.png http://i.imgur.com/R3ZCK9X.png even though the powermanagent service was running in background services section.
Any idea about why would the log off screen kept triggering on its own ?

Tumbleweed xsession logs- [http://dpaste.com/05Q3WVT](http://tw logs- http://dpaste.com/05Q3WVT)

Leap xsession logs: [http://dpaste.com/268E55Q](http://dpaste.com/268E55Q http://dpaste.com/1BTEHYG) [http://dpaste.com/1BTEHYG](http://dpaste.com/268E55Q http://dpaste.com/1BTEHYG)

that looks like a kwin5 issue, when kwin5 crashes it disables some options (do you have d-bus installed?)
ps plasma 5 does not like noveau, get nvidia’s run file and run it in run level 3, or don’t kwin5 use openbox instead